Senin, 14 Februari 2011


"In A Rush"

[1] - It came over me in a rush
When I realized that I love you so much
That sometimes I cry, but I cant tell you why
why I feel what I feel inside

How I try to express what's been jugglin' my mind
But still can't find the words
But I know that something's got a hold of me

[Repeat 1]

Baby, some day I'll find a way to say
just what you mean to me
But if that day never comes along
and you don't hear this song
I guess you'll never know that...

[Repeat 1]

And when I say inside, I mean deep
You fill my soul with something I cannot explain
What's over me

[Repeat 1 'til end]

the song in up there is so meaningful to me at last moment me with him.
honestly, i can't forget it. all the things and the all was happened yesterday I can remember every single part -___- so pathetic, huh?

and now I'm so curious with his explain. but I'm sure he don't wanna explain what happen now.

but I'd make a mistake! when I know the truth, I should tell to him. and ask him to explain all of this. but I choose a silent. I just keep my mouth to tell him. I just keep my sad and angry feeling by myself. I just keep silent. I don't know why... but maybe it's because I don't know what I supposed to do.

I'm not his girlfriend, I cannot be mad at him. because I was nobody for him T-T

f*ck you boy!! you made me to love you. but the fact you're not in love with me!! you have the "real" girl in out there!! you said that you has been broke up with her! 2 month ago you broke up with her! but what is the fact? YOU LIED TO ME!

I tell you everything is true! I'm honest with you. but you lying on me!

maybe you just "manfaatin" of me. because I'm your junior. maybe... but I DO FALLIN' LOVE WITH YOU YESTERDAY! BUT YOU CRASH IT! AND I'M EXACTLY VERY GRATEFUL! and sad at the same time :')

hahaha dalem hati gue udah ngerasa ikhlas sama semua ini. gue nerima semuanya. toh emang itu salah satu resiko yang bakal gue dapet.
tapi gue gak tau kenapa, gue masih aja suka ngungkit-ngungkit masalah ini. dan masih mikirin aja. padahal yaa it's ok! I can receive it at all. and I do prayin' to you. to you who has broken my heart! hahaha.

but if you was be honest with me at the first time, I'm sure I don't be fallin' love with you. I make sure about that. because I appreciate your girlfriend. her and I is woman. so I can feeling if I in her position. SAKIT HATI!

and for you guys! be respect! don't do with your desire, but with your logic too. if you do one mistake, let's thingkin' "there's other people will hurt with these?". don't be a selfish person.

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